Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, May 23, 2010

everything will be fine,GAMBATE farah;)

everything happened in my life hve been written there.
as a Muslim,i do thnx to God coz gve me the opportunity to face this situation..
i manage to handle this.thnx to my dearest bff Wan!
i do luv u syg!thnx for helping me to solve this...
without u i'll be nothin;(
as u say this is the challenge that i must face, to make it more better..
it's a long long way to full of commmitment,sacrifices and sincerity..
i do need to be more matured for my future..
thnx olso for those that been my "ear"..i do appreciate uols!
"he" do say this once,
"in this life we must be real,either it will happen or not,

u must be strong!".
i feel the pain,i feel i'm lost..but then i thnx God coz i hve an xperienced in handling this matter.
this is what we call a process in our life..let it be my past.i dun want to think anymore.
let bygone be bygone..

juz bare in ur mind farah..there must be a reason y?.either u happy or not, i had must go on.don't keep this as ur weakness,make it as a will be patient,it will be fine~

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